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Your wedding will always remain one of your greatest memories!

To you it's a chance to celebrate for a few hours with family and friends on the most important day of your life. Wouldn't it be terrific if your guests rewound their memory tapes to your special day when conjuring up the best times in their own lives? There's only one sure musical way to send them bopping happily home thinking that your wedding reception was the party of the year -- get AA Two's Company for your DJ service. Ed and Chris offer what is simply the premier DJ service in the Portland metro area. The husband and wife team formed AA Two's Company in 1989, not too long after getting married themselves. Bubbling with unbridled enthusiasm, brimming with music and entertainment expertise and bursting with state-of-art-hardware and 20,000 song titles, Ed and Chris, bring it all! What makes them go? Certainly their impressive array of equipment and ultra-professional approach make a difference, but it is really their sheer love of fun that puts them at the top of every bride's wish list. While taking care not to turn anybody off in the process, Ed and Chris love nothing better than getting everyone in the room to join in the fun! A Wedding is the ultimate family gathering, and family means everything to Ed and Chris. After all, what's the use of having 20,000 songs to choose from if you don't use that power to appeal to everybody? You name the musical style, Ed and Chris have it at their fingertips, and they use it all. Ed (Chris calls him the "music master") has been in the entertainment business since he was a six year old playing in his father's band. He's performed all his life and began working as a DJ in the 70's, the age of disco. He plays multiple instruments and has developed an exuberant flair for entertaining that is topped only by his desire for everyone else to have as great a time as he does. He has an audiophile's knowledge of six decades worth of musicians and songs, and prides himself for constant research and finding the newest gem. He can jump from Glen Miller to Frank Sinatra, then rock to AC/DC or Will Smith quicker than you can say "Love Me Tender." From Top 40 to polkas, blues to jazz, country to children's music, they play it all. Meanwhile, Chris is making your guests feel welcome with her open warmth. Ed and Chris emphasize that sending a reception soaring is more than just stringing songs together. From the cake cutting to the garter toss, their sound effects and customized mini-discs offer light-hearted enhancement, with the flexibility to adjust in an instant to your unique moment. The only constant in AA Two's Company's free-spirited act is that everything is controlled by the bride and groom. While Ed orchestrated the party from behind the mic, Chris sets it all in motion with her careful pre-party planning. AA Two's Company sends out questionnaires months in advance but does not require you to spend tedious hours planning music for your reception. "That's our job!" says Chris. Instead, they ask you to choose the songs for special dances as well as mention some personal favorites. They will take care of the rest. "I just fell in love with being able to help these brides on the greatest day of their lives. You can really feel how important it is to them. I remember how important it was to me," says Chris. Ultimately, of course, the mark of any true artist is making the nearly impossible look easy. Watching Ed and Chris orchestrate a wedding reception is truly watching artists at work. The technology, the musical expertise, the flair for entertainment, the sound effects, they all mesh together seamlessly so that the party rolls along without a hitch. Everyone who has ever been to an event with the two wants them for their reception. They have portfolios bulging with heartfelt thank you notes from grateful clients. Ed and Chris want to help create a reception party befitting the most romantic, memorable day of your life. Experience a unique touch of class, AA Two's Company 503-786-9090 This article was originally printed in a local publication.
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